NAADS Structure

Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF)
The Ministry is responsibility for overall supervision of NAADS through the NAADS Board. The Ministry remains accountable to the Parliament on matters related to NAADS.

The NAADS Board of Directors
The NAADS Act 2001 establishes the Board of Directors charged with advising and giving guidance on NAADS policy and strategy at national level, as well as supervising and supporting the NAADS Secretariat as the national agency mandated to administer the Programme. The Board is also responsible for setting targets and approving work plans and budgets for the organisation. The Board is answerable to the Minister responsible for Agriculture. The Secretary to the Board is the Executive Director of the NAADS Secretariat.

The NAADS Secretariat
The Secretariat is headed by Executive Director responsible for the day to day operations of the organization, management of funds, property and the general affairs of the organization as well as control of the staff of the organization. The Secretariat is made up of six departments namely;

District Local Governments
NAADS Programmes implementation is done in the existing decentralized Local Government structures namely the district, Sub-county and Parish levels. The Local Governments provide the local administration, regulatory and support services to NAADS.
The Parish, Sub-County and district Councils are responsible for policy, assessment of effectiveness and general oversight. Districts undertake the recruitment of the NAADS Coordinators to ensure smooth operations and integration.

The National Farmer Fora & Farmers Institutions

Farmer institutions are organs, bodies or entities formed by farmers to champion for their cause. The NAADS program recognises the role of Farmer groups, HLFOs /Cooperatives and Farmer fora (Village Farmer Fora, Sub county Farmer Fora, District Farmer Fora and National Farmer Fora) as the farmer institutions and supported under our Farmer Institutional Development (FID)

The purpose of the farmer group is to create institutions that will enable farmers to effectively organize, formulate and prioritise their needs. NAADS Secretariat is responsible for building farmers capacity in group formation, identifying and prioritizing needs and contracting and monitoring service providers